Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

7 Carnival Celebrations Around the World. There's a lot of partying to get out of our systems before Lent!

Mr. Game Boy, the man who brought us the Game Boy and other Nintendo products.

"When I mentioned to friends that I was going to Burning Man with my 69-year-old father, 'Good idea' were the words out of no one's mouth." (via Metafilter)

14 Red Flags to Look Out for in a Relationship. From years of experience, I heartily endorse this list.

5 Obsessive Weirdos Who Made the World a Better Place. 

Florida Man: the World's Worst Superhero.

10 Candidates for the Next Pope. With early odds that might change in the next few weeks.

The largest captive crocodile in the world was a man-eater before townspeople turned him into a tourist draw. Now that Lolong has passed on, he'll get a funeral fit for a king.

Tonight, let’s be lovers: 18 songs about one-night stands. You know plenty of these ended up as a couple's "our song."

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