Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

The Record Company That Rejected The Beatles.

When "Mental" Illness Isn't. (via Not Exactly Rocket Science)

The Father of the Chicken Nugget.

"The doctor was dumbfounded: a drug that used to cost $50 was now selling for $28,000 for a 5-milliliter vial."

The Top 7 Things of All Time. The ultimate list-type list from Cracked.

A blind dog gets a seeing-eye cat. It wasn't arranged, but the stray cat was just willing to help his new buddy around.

Damien Echols, one of the West Memphis Three, kept a journal while in prison. Now he tells how spending 18 years on death row for a wrongful conviction changed him.

During the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition in 1904, bagpiper Gilbert Kerr took the time to pose for a photograph as he serenaded an Emperor penguin. Kerr was no doubt as full of Scottish pride as the rest of the crew, but deserves extra points for wearing a kilt on an Antarctic icepack.

The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Russian Crown Jewels. We recently found that sometime between 1922 and 1925, the inventories lost a few items.

Why is space dark? Aren’t you glad someone else asks the dumb questions and manages to get an answer?

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