Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Miss Cellkania's Links

Don't Tell the Kids! Unbecoming behavior from kid-lit authors.

America's Most Embarrassing Addresses. (via Fark)

Fiscal Cliff Fictions: Let’s All Agree to Pretend the GOP Isn’t Full of It. "Mainstream media outlets don’t want to look partisan, so they ignore the BS hidden in plain sight, the hypocrisy and dishonesty that defines the modern Republican Party."

What DNA Actually Looks Like.

The Inside Story of Pong. (via Metafilter)

"Scientists" Uncover Global League of Mythical Creatures

Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls. Hilarious! Contains some art nudes.

Jonathan Coulton takes on the crass commercialism of “Jingle Bell Rock.” You'll never look at (or hear) the song the same way ever again.

10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds on Earth. Including four, count 'em, four with no fur!

Where can a kitty go to lay in luxury on plush toys, protected from interfering humans by a glass barrier? A nice, comfy claw machine!

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