Friday, December 07, 2012

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Why Do People Tell Actors to "Break a Leg"?

As we reflect on the significance of Pearl Harbor Day, we can learn more about one of the iconic artistic relics of World War II: the decorated leather bomber jacket. The Army Air Corps was filled with new pilots, some just teenagers, who dressed up those jackets with mission counts, cartoon characters, caricatures, and sometimes nudes.

Mental-floss writer Allison Keene grew up without ever watching a Star Wars film. She sat down and watched every one of them in release order, and wrote up her impressions as a 21st-century newbie.

On average, a baby is born somewhere in the U.S. every ten seconds, and someone dies every 13 seconds. You can watch that happen in real time with the simulation map made with Google Drive.  (via Metafilter)

I Got On The Wrong Bus Today. The picture is funny, but the explanation and replies were much funnier.

How much snow do they get in Russia? Enough that a guy can jump off the roof of a five story building into a pile of it and walk away. There is a possibility that vodka was involved.

The first known photographs of individual snowflakes were taken over 100 years ago. Photographer Wilson Bentley hooked a camera up to a microscope and shot thousands of them.

Beautiful Buildings Made from Ice and Snow. They don't last long, but for a short time they are pure magic.

The standoff in Washington surrounding the "fiscal cliff" deadline reveals backwards incentives. If the Republicans get their way, red states will lose subsidies and benefits; if Democrats win, blue states will pay more taxes.

Angels of Death: 7 More Medical Murderers. They kept getting away with death because death is a part of their business.

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