Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

"Imagine": John Lennon's Signature Song.

The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like.

Making Great Latkes.

Be careful what you ask for, especially on the internet. Pope Benedict XV invited Twitter users to submit questions to him, and everyone and his brother obliged.

Intimate Photos of Women Living as Men in the Balkans. Albania's traditional culture is so restrictive for women that "Sworn Virgins" give up motherhood to just be men instead.

You read the reports that America is becoming more secular, but that does not mean religion is dying out. At last count, 70% of Americans consider themselves moderately or very religious.

Why I Hate School But Love Education. British poet Suli Breaks makes the case against chasing a degree for the sake of a degree.

27 Christmas Decorations That Will Haunt Your Dreams. Cutting corners on mass-produced holiday cheer can have that's an effect creepier than Halloween.

The 10 movies most likely to score Best Picture nominations. With helpful trailers to introduce you to the movies not yet released and remind you of those you've already forgotten.

Smearing Cream Cheese On Newborns & Other Stories About Famous Multiples. The birth of Octomom's brood spurred Kara Kovalchik to look up multiples on TV.

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