Friday, November 02, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

10 Beautiful Tattoos Inspired by Watership Down. Literary ink, indeed!

There Once was a Man Who was a Dwarf and Later a Giant.

Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel are headlining a concert tonight to benefit hurricane victims. Here are some suggestions for their set list.

Amidst the carnage left by the hurricane, people stepped up to help each other. Here are 26 Truly Inspiring Images From Hurricane Sandy.

If you're not crawling out from under the rubble of hurricane Sandy, things are looking up. The economy is doing better now than it has in years.

The suckiest day in presidential history was that day when president-elect Franklin Pierce and his wife saw their young son die in a train crash. The family's grief and belief in omens showered sadness over his entire term in office.

Mondegreens are misheard lyrics, which tend to stick with you for a lifetime. Here are some misheard lyrics that will infect your brain once you see them in subtitles.

Angels of Death: 8 Medical Murderers. Caregivers are rarely suspected, so they can get away with multiple crimes.

How 'MST3K' Picked Movies to Mock.

A Message from The Greatest Generation. Use headphones if you are at work. (via Everlasting Blort

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