Saturday, November 10, 2012

Invisible Parents

This little girl has a happy family that comes with some strange obstacles she shares with other European children. From the website:

I live in a loving family with two dads. Sadly only a few countries in the European Union currently recognise my family. This means that I am unable to move around as I want with my parents and I also risk living with one of my dads being invisible from the State. Both situations are putting me and thousands of other children in same-sex families in unnecessary vulnerable situations as we are treated differently than children in families with a mum and a dad. For example, when I started in school, only one of my dads could sign my papers for my teachers. They did not accept that from my other dad. Also, when we were on holiday and I broke my arm, in the hospital the doctors would only talk to one of my dads and he was the only one who could visit me. My other dad had to wait outside as the hospital did not accept that I have two daddies.

Learn more at Invisible Parents. (via the Presurfer)

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