Thursday, January 26, 2012

Informative Links

Etgar Keret writes about his father's decision to have his tongue removed as a treatment for cancer.

Apple’s Deal With the Devil. A manufacturing turnaround that executives call "breathtaking" strikes many as "barbaric."

Tracy Morgan collapsed after receiving an award at the Sundance Film Festival. They haven't told us what's wrong, but he is a diabetic with a transplanted kidney.

Gabrielle Giffords' 'bittersweet' resignation video. Recovery must be her priority, but she vows to return to public service someday.

5 Bodies Nobody Ever Found. But even decades later, people are still actively looking for clues.

The John F. Kennedy Library has released 45 hours of secret tapes recorded by the president. So you don't have to listen to all that, here are the most interesting parts.

The world's longest-running scientific experiment began in 1927 and is still going. The pitch drop may continue for another 100 years!

Borrow $5,000 and pay back only $40,842.72. It's not fuzzy math, but lesson in debt explained in the comments.

10 Famous People and Their Drug Habits. Following in their footsteps could lead to an early grave.

Joel Sartore's Biodiversity Portraits. The NatGeo photographer will be visiting a zoo near you.

Imagine a President Newt Gingrich Who Thinks Rules Don’t Apply to Him.

When Larry Met Sergey is the highly condensed story of Larry Page and Sergey Brin and the company they named Google. (via the Presurfer)

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