Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Reads and Information

Everything you didn't know about Doctor Who.

Names Too Long For Name Tags (Even Comically Oversized Ones). Any of these people would have grounds to sue their parents.

In celebration of the Hubble telescope's 20th anniversary, NASA astronomers have selected their favorite space images. As the saying goes, I think I've found my new desktop image.

Facts About Farmers’ Markets. The more you know, the more you'll want to buy something fresh, local, and seasonal.

Chilling Out With Formal-Feathered Friends. There are a lot of things about penguins you didn't learn from watching Happy Feet.

The hump is the tastiest part of the camel, they say. One chef visited a caterer to finally get a bite of the delicacy.

What are the limits of human endurance? A dozen articles look at the different ways we push ourselves and what we can achieve. (via Neatorama)

Scientists from the University of Florida have developed a thin, flexible film that uses LEDs for night-vision technology. We could eventually have night vision capabilities in our eyeglasses or car windshields!

5 of History’s Great Bank Robberies. What makes them "great" is the stories we get to tell about them.


massageon said...

The camel hump link is actually the link to the penguin thing. Just thought you should know, so you can fix it. I LOVE THE SITE!!!!

Miss Cellania said...

I must've been a real hurry with this post! Thanks, massageon, fixed.