Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday Reads and Information

5 Virtuous Figures Caught With Their Flies Down (Or Skirts Up). Not that we are care about people's sex lives, it's just that the hypocrisy makes these stories stand out.

Are you a victim of "lifestyle creep"? The first step in getting your finances under control is recognizing whether you are actually living within your means.

10 Jewish Messiah Moments. Still waiting.

15-year-old Phoebe Prince was bullied and harassed for months and finally committed suicide. Nine students were arrested on various charges in the case, but what about the teachers and school administrators who did nothing to help her?

Black lights will make your room look groovy. They also help paleontologists find fossil structures that are invisible under normal light, like the faint imprints where feathers used to be.

5 Deadly Animals That Might Just Save Your Life. Mother Nature knows what she's doing, as long as we follow the rules.

Bill and Amarins packed up their three young daughters and set off on a 7,000 mile journey from Kentucky to Alaska. What's different about this trip is that they are traveling on a bicycle built for five!

5 Animals That Are Terrifyingly Hard to Kill. Fascinating, but it's from Cracked, and therefore has NSFW text.

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