Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny Links

Instants! are buttons you can push for appropriate sound effects. I have it bookmarked for the overly-dramatic stories my kids tell me.

Holy Kitsch! 5 Campy Facts About TV’s Batman. In 1966, I didn't know what "camp" meant, and I took offense when my parents laughed at the show.

On the science side, a creepy robot has been built to mimic human speech. On the other side, it only took a day on the web to make a hilarious mashup out of it.

You're Doing It Wrong (as seen on TV). A video tribute to those people on infomercials that are so incompetent at everyday activities that they must spend $19.95 for some gadget to help them.

How to park a bicycle with style. What do you bet she'll grow up to be another Elwood Blues?

The Many Views of Abbey Road. The iconic album cover has been an inspiration to all kinds of artists, musicians, and comedians.

Soviet Sci-Fi Animation in the 1980's. These are based on American science fiction stories, so you may be able to follow along, and a couple even have subtitles. (via Boing Boing)

They're coming to get you! Run away! Run away!

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